Tuesday, October 27, 2009

On October 15th I was a featured speaker for the Contemporary Animation Society. The opportunity to do this grew out of a conversation I had with Zelda Vinciguerra, the club's secretary, one evening this past summer in Montgomery Hall. The theme of the conversation was the good and bad habits that we have noticed in ourselves as animators. It's hard not to develop a personal workflow when you're animating as much as we do, and you eventually begin to notice patterns in how you go about your work. Animators, just like anyone else, fall into a routine. I'm not suggesting that I am perfect or that my ways are "the best" by any means, but there are some variables I like to try to control when I go about getting a scene finished.

The presentation was a lot of fun and it seemed to be very well received. About 60 students from the graduate and undergraduate programs attended. The best part about the whole experience was the conversations it generated among everyone. Sometimes when you're under a lot of stress trying to get work done, it is easy to not stop and think about how you're going about your business. After all, nobody goes into animation because they don't genuinely enjoy it - so any way you can help make the time you spend more enjoyable and productive, the better!

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