Monday, November 2, 2009

The incredible thing about caricature artwork is that the exaggerated version of the person, place, or thing depicted often looks more "like" it than a photograph. Two of my favorite caricature artists, Al Hirschfeld and Court Jones, do this masterfully.

This past spring, talented SCAD illustration major and friend of mine Lyle Nagy, showed me some concept drawings for a caricatured version of a Citroen 2CV. I was immediately taken by the appealing distortions and proportions that Lyle applied to the original design of the vehicle. I have been a longtime fan of caricature artwork and have tried for years to implement my own style of caricature into my own cartoon artwork (see my previous post on Forsyth Park).

It didn't take long for me to begin to fantasize about animating this car - it just oozes character and personality! So I set about getting these drawings into the hands of a talented modeler and fellow SCAD graduate student David Riddle. David did an excellent job of translating the 2D drawings into a 3D model using Maya 2009. I met last week with another SCAD graduate student Derek Superville to discuss rigging it for animation. He offered a lot of great suggestions and insight and looks forward to the challenge.

I have taken on somewhat of a "project coordinator" role in the process, so look forward to future posts regarding the tweaking and development of the 2CV. It's been a lot of fun so far to get four friends and classmates together to combine our areas of interest and expertise on a project outside of class. I can hardly wait to animate it!

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