Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Floating Right Along

Found this interesting image online when looking up "men's beard styles" on Google. I'm not even sure some of them are possible! Super Mario? Really?!

Between finals and leading a busy life, I was still able to get together another Jonah head for Luke - this time with a front view. Even though I like to draw, and even though I most frequently draw characters, I still don't draw turnarounds very often. I think I should do this more often because nothing challenges your own idea of what you think you just drew than having to draw it in another orthographic view. I haven't been able to develop the fish character too much farther, but I did do some additional sketches that taught me a few things. Turns out its difficult to draw a large fish, that's not a whale, that's self-conscious and insecure!

Thanks again :)

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