Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Old Men Concepts

Friend and classmate of mine, Eiad Dahnim recently asked me to draw up some concept sketches for his thesis film character. Eiad is a wizard when it comes to modeling and Zbrush, but asked me for some help sorting through potential face shapes and personalities. I often just doodle faces for my own practice and amusement, developing characters rather haphazardly. I've already noticed that drawing for someone else's character development is a little different because you need to draw enough variety to help create some direction and dialogue when you meet with them next. Often, it's more about elimination for them - they may have only an obscure idea of what they want the final character to look like, but they probably already can identify pretty easily what they do not want.

Plus, I admire Eiad's work, so it'll be interesting to see my sketches leave the page and become more than graphite on paper!