Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sounds Fishy to Me

So it turns out that fish are not only good for you, but also a lot of fun to draw! I have not seriously taken to drawing a fish since I was obsessed with sharks in 5th grade, but recently another fellow classmate of mine, this time Luke Brewer, asked me to do some concept art for him. Luke is making an animated version of the story of Jonah from the Bible for his MFA film and is retelling it from the perspective of the fish with the appetite. I drew these sketches over the course of the afternoon today and shot them off to him in an email to see what he thinks. I'm excited to hear what he has to say . Drawing is always fun, but I find the give-and-take of character design even more engaging since it's a collaborative process.

Oh, and the reason there is only one whale drawing is because he specifically didn't want a whale, but a rather large fish (not a mammal). The drawings are posted chronologically, so you can actually tell how my brain (and hand) started to get in a groove and pick up steam by the third or fourth page. Also, the numbering system makes it a LOT easier for discussion via email or phone concerning character designs since you save a lot of, "no... the fourth one down on the third page... the one with the tail that's fan shaped but not rounded at the bottom..." descriptions when referring to a specific example - learned that one the hard way!

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