Monday, September 20, 2010

Wedding Cake Toppers

I learned first-hand that you have essentially invited yourself into a dizzying avalanche of decision making - from the moment you go down on one knee until the organist at the church begins to press the ivories on your wedding date. The hardest part about planning a wedding is trying to find answers to questions you've never been asked (or asked yourself ) in your entire life. This leads to a lot of research and the epic struggle of trying to balance the "what is traditional or customary for a wedding" versus the "what we want our wedding to be like", all while trying to stay within the budget.

The American Wedding Ceremony is one that is steeped in tradition (churches, veils, rented tuxedos, bouquet tosses, soiling your pants after realizing how much reception halls charge, etc.). But, as Marcel Duchamp and the Dada movement in modern art has taught us, the stronger the chains of tradition are, the more likely you are to find people who want to challenge tradition.

Case in point - Alternative Wedding Cake Toppers.

The classic Groom/Bride wedding topper pictured apparently isn't enough for some people, so not surprisingly there is a market for non-traditional wedding cake toppers. Some of them are mildly clever or personal to the bridal couple:

Many are quite campy, kitschy, inappropriate, obscene, awesome, or awesomely bad (depending on personal tastes):

And a few are pretty scary. Not like monsters, zombies, or People of Wal-Mart scary, but "Wow, you two have serious, unresolved communication problems, markedly different financial priorities, or fear of commitment issues that you not only haven't addressed, but you obviously don't even take them seriously" scary:

I never really imagined that it was possible to scream "Divorce" with a smile from a plastic figurine, but here you have it. These are the types of wedding toppers that remind divorce attorneys, psychiatrists, and couples counselors that they will (unfortunately) always have work. Many of these mini sculptures are eerie reminders of the Top 10 Reasons for Divorce.

But then again, sometimes even a wedding cake topper reminds us that people do find someone they are compatible with and who they can share their lives and interests with...

Thanks again for checking in :)