Friday, February 18, 2011

Citroen 2CV Model Work In Progress

The Karmann Ghia was a success for my first-ever attempt at modeling a car in Maya, and now I'm currently in the middle of modeling another vehicle. This time its another quirky European car from another era - a 1979 Citroen 2CV. I settled on this particular car from this particular year for three reasons: 1. I was able to find a nice high-resolution blueprint image online with all four views (front, top, rear, and side), and 2. There are plenty of reference images and videos available online, and 3. Not a whole lot of Americans are familiar with this car, so the final product will have a little more intrigue than another vehicle that we've all seen before.

I've got just a fraction of the time I had for the Ghia to complete this one, so lets hope that all the lessons learned equal a quicker turnaround time for this one. I'd like to spend a little more time on the car paint shader this time around, too, since I didn't budget my time particularly well last time.

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