Monday, February 21, 2011

Warner Bros. Backgrounds

Looks familiar, don't they?

A friend recently sent me a whole bunch of these backgrounds from old Warner Bros. cartoons. It's safe to guess that they're from the Road Runner cartoons, eh? What I found most fascinating about these was that they are not only beautiful environment illustrations, even by today's standards, but without a story, characters, or animation taking place on top of them, you actually have a chance to appreciate them as stand-alone art (you can even tell where the action was staged by the negative space and framing in most of them. Its not hard to imagine the rest of the shot's animation).

Every profession has its front-and-center rock stars and unsung heroes that make it all happen behind the scenes. For every headlining movie star there is a production designer who's name you'll never hear and who's face you'll never see. Please visit to see more scenes like this. Its very inspiring and worth bookmarking on your web browser.

Thanks again.

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